Quantum Change Kinesiology

Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology


Quantum Change Kinesiology (QCK) is a revolutionary technique designed to access information from your mind and body that is causing physical conditions, pains and life issues as well as provide the guidance you need to work with the information and change these issues. This unique technique allows the practitioner to read your mind in your body no matter the distance, which means that QCK sessions are often held online.

Are you experiencing recurring or sudden emotionally charged behavioural patterns such as anxiety attacks, burdening depression, suppressed anger, etcetera ? Do you Experience persistent obsessive/compulsive thinking patterns or have a mental/emotional/energetic issue which you are wanting to change? QCK is a platform of support for you to create this change and more importantly to develop understanding of why and how these patterns exists in your mind.

Do you have a physical condition, illness or pain and would like to find out and understand what your body is showing and communicating to you about who you are internally?

QCK assists and supports you to understand what your body is telling you about where and how you are not living your fullest potential in your internal self and how you can start aligning yourself with this potential.


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What is Kinesiology?

“Specialized Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that looks behind the symptoms caused by stress. Kinesiologists use muscle testing as a feedback mechanism to access and assess information on your health and well being. Muscle testing is a profound method that allows the Kinesiologist to “talk to your body” accessing conscious, subconscious and body memory. This provides a real time evaluation of the mind, the body, the neurological systems, the endocrine and hormonal responses, the energy system as well as feelings, emotions, old negative behaviour patterns and memories. More importantly, it shows the integration or lack of integration of the various systems in relation to each other.” (Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa)

With Quantum Change Kinesiology, we focus on developing quantum understanding of the relationship between the superficial layer on which an issue exists and it’s deeper origin and anchoring points inside the body, mind and self. Existent on the superficial layers are for example a physically manifested pain, illness or condition, a mental/emotional experience or a behavioral pattern as it is experienced on the level of your conscious awareness.

Deeper origin points of such physical, mental/emotional or behavioral issues are found on the subconscious, unconscious and quantum physical layers, where you create and shape “who you are” in your mind and body. It is this power of self-creation which Quantum Change Kinesiology aims to integrate and bring into your awareness, facilitating your self-healing potential.

What makes Quantum Change Kinesiology unique?

  • Reading the Mind in the Body:

What does pain, discomfort and other physical experiences reveal about your mind? What is your body trying to communicate to you when it brings up these experiences and how can you start aligning the relationship between your mind and body? These are some of the questions that QCK aims to answer.

  • Quantifying Change

Self-change is based on the pillars of Understanding, Awareness and Empowerment. QCK guides you, through developing Understanding and Awareness of your Self, to find the Self-Empowerment you need to create the Change you have been looking for.

In the sessions, we use Muscle Communication as a biofeedback mechanism to help you better understand patterns that you live on a mind and physical level. Through using muscle testing, Quantum Change Kinesiology assists you to see how you created these patterns, how they exist within yourself and what you can do to change them.

  • Support at your fingertips:

In-person consultation is not needed to have a QCK session. Our unique method allows us to have sessions with individuals no matter the distance, which means that most of our sessions are online with people from all across the world. No matter where you find yourself in the world, if you have access to a computer and internet then you can enjoy the support of Quantum Change Kinesiology.

Curious about our technique?

Please browse through The QCK Files to catch a glimpse of how a Quantum Change Kinesiology session works, or jump right in and see for yourself by scheduling a session via this page.

The Walk Of Change

What we have realized over the years as we assisted and supported people to create real change within aspects of themselves, is that walking any pattern into transformation and change requires a process of peeling off the multiple layers existent on the multiple levels of the mind – the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, quantum mind and quantum physical. It requires you to not only develop an understanding and awareness of how a pattern exists in your mind and self but also see a clear and structured path of making change practical and effective, from the within to the without.

We as Quantum Change Kinesiologists stand as the catalyst to guide you through these underlying layers as you walk the process of developing awareness and creating change. For this purpose and with this vision we designed the Walk Of Change, a structured format of three sessions wherein we use muscle testing to guide you through the steps of change: Defining, Sourcing and Grounding the issue or in other terms, developing awareness, structuring the path of change and manifesting the change.


At the very beginning I was quite skeptical in regards to kinesiology (…) However while going through it’s really amazing to discover and investigate which points can have quite a big impact on physical body in regards to where I’m participating which emotions I’m crossing and the best is what is the way forward or actually out of. For me it showed me a clear path to move out from the “Jail cell” where my body is in

(Kurt Schnidrig, Business Owner Switzerland)

Kim gave me the clues, I needed to do the work. I’m really happy with her skills, because I couldn’t figure it out by myself. The long term effect is though that I gained more permanent awareness on a deeper level in myself, I know now where to look, so to speak.

(Martijn De Graaf, Netherlands)

I inquired about my difficulty with focusing, and we opened up several relevant dimensions for over an hour! Wow. I’ve applied only some of the suggested corrections, and still the value of her support is off the charts (relative to the mainstream opinions of others)! Highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand the root causes of the issues in our lives, and live the solutions.

(Dan M, USA)

I’ve experienced many times how pains can manifest in the body in relation to thought, feeling, and emotion patterns that require to be directed, but in this case I was not able to see the points specifically. Within an hour, QCK was able to assist me with identifying the specific points which I’d been missing

(Matti Freeman – USA)

I decided on asking for kinesiological support with a manifested Herpes blister on my right eye after it having been dormant for about 2 decades, because even after having seen an eye doctor for it and using the zovirax eye salve he prescribed, it had only improved marginally. (…) Most fascinatingly, the eye had responded to the actual session instantly, the pain stopped almost immediately when I SAW the points that had been opened up with Andrea. I embraced the changed self-perception and now, after about 2 weeks, I am still blister-free.

(Barbara Stängl, Germany)

I had an ‘amazing’ session with Kim.  She was able to identify areas in my life, where I am holding myself back in fear, and I was able to see how I can correct this in a few moments.  I am very grateful to Kim A and her excellent skill!

(Kim S., UK)

The first session I really remember good, I was really unsatisfied in my job. (…) I felt so great after my session, she gave me a total other view of things and a word to look at until the next session. My problems at work felt more clear and I could see where the problem was.(…) My work situation changed unbelievably positive after one session. I was so excited about it that I was thinking again which problems I also would like to solve. And so I had almost every other week a session which helped me on my path of awareness of myself and taking responsibility about my own life. And getting a better quality of my life. I’m really grateful for all the sessions I had with Kim. She really made me a more satisfied and a stable person.

(Romina, Croatia)

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