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Resistance is a Guide in your Journey of Self-Change

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When it comes to working with your mind and especially with the emotions and experiences existing in suppression in your mind, there will be resistance. A lot of resistance. Your mind is a complex system made up of coping mechanisms and self-sabotage techniques aimed at ensuring that you do not ever become aware of the experiences on the deeper subconscious and unconscious levels of yourself.

Throughout your life you develop a separate ‘persona’ within yourself that uses more positively charged experiences to hide and suppress the negative ones. You develop physical habits to not just on a physical, but also on a mind level keep you distracted from whatever the mind is wanting to suppress. Your mind has developed so many different methods, ways and techniques on so many levels of yourself to keep you from ever facing or going through the things that are residing in your sub- and unconscious mind.

In a QCK session your mind is faced with the possibility of you looking into and opening up your suppressions and thus your mind will go into RESISTANCE. You will resist the session, resist what tests out, resist the exercises because your mind knows that if you allow yourself to see and hear and apply the exercises you will realize that you are so much more than your mind.

When you experience resistance, then you know that this is the path which will in fact assist and support you the most in your journey of self-change. Resistance is your guide as it shows you where your mind’s comfort zone ends and your potential for self-change begins. Whether you will take on the challenge to push through the resistance and do what it takes to realize that potential is an individual choice that we each make for ourselves.

Changing anything about yourself will always challenge you with RESISTANCE. It’s like the process of stopping an addiction. You’ll resist, postpone and give yourself all sorts of excuses and justification not to do what you deep down know is best for you.

Who are you when facing resistance? Will you take on the challenge of pushing through when your mind is trying to push you back? Come sign up for a QCK session and push through your resistance to walk your journey of realizing your potential for self-change.



One thought on “Resistance is a Guide in your Journey of Self-Change

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