Quantum Change Kinesiology

Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology

The Kinesiologist

Hi I am Andrea Starsi, Quantum Change Kinesiologist. For the last 10 years, I have been working to support myself and other people in Modalities of Self Change, to assist each one to reach a greater potential in one’s Life.

If you are experiencing Body Pain, Repeated Illnesses, Repetitive thought Patterns, being Emotionally Overwhelmed, Addictions, Difficulties with Self-Esteem and the feeling like you are stuck in old Patterns and Memories, but you are dedicated to changing – then these sessions are for you. I use Muscle Communication while working with you online to communicate through the physical and conscious connection to find specific issues that are priority for you to focus on and change. In the sessions we will discuss the points that open up and focus on how to take the knowledge of an experience, into liveable practical change in your day to day life.

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My professional background

In 2004 I qualified as a Specialised Kinesiologist through the Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa. I had a small practise for 2 years working on people as well as horses and dogs. I then joined with a group of people (from various backgrounds) who were studying and understanding Patterns of the Mind and the relationship between the Mind and Illness. We worked together for  8 years, in which time we developed Life Coaching Courses, focussed around developing the tools of Writing, Self-Introspection and Self-Change.

This is where I met Kim Amourette, and we decided to branch out and develop a combination of Kinesiology with the experience we had developed over the years in supporting ourselves and other people through the new tools we had integrated. So we spent 2 years developing our Kinesiology which delves deeper into understanding oneself, in who you are as your pre-existing personality traits together with the complete network of your thoughts, emotions and mind-patterns that make up who we are. Within this we understood that a person can step beyond the pre-accepted functioning of one’s mind, to take responsibility for oneself in understanding what makes you move and function and how to learn to direct your mind, instead of it existing independent and on ‘automatic’ – taking us through experiences and automated responses that we know are not allowing us to reach our full potential.

Around 2013 I completed a BA in Psychology, to further integrate a more conventional understanding of how people in mainstream psychology approach issues. From there I continued to focus on working online with people using Kinesiology – whereby I use the tool of muscle testing to find underlying layers of the Mind.

Personal Background

Since I left highschool I had an interest in understanding people and myself. Initially this led me to studying Reiki and other forms of energy work, however, I found that I was seeking answers to the hidden mechanism of Consciousness that make up who we are as people and to learn how to change the relationship within myself as ‘victim’ to my emotions and thought patterns, to someone who can stand as Equal to this mechanism called Consciousness and become the director of my experiences, into a new creation of myself as a Human Being.

I battled for many years from my early teens with depression and into my early adult years I was plagued by intense suicidal thoughts and feeling of giving up. It was once I started delving deeper into who I was, the ‘mechanics’ of my mind and my tendencies, did I truly start to come to grips with the responsibility I had to change the experience I was in. It was truly astounding for me to see how I could apply the tools, see and understand myself as all layers of my mind and then slowly start to change myself through small steps, following real time changes.This has been a journey for me in what I have learnt about myself and been able to change. We all tend to say to ourselves that there are things about ourselves we just cannot change, I have proven to myself that with hard work, focus and a determined attitude, I overcame obstacles within myself, and thus I know what is possible for every person out there. The biggest issue each person will face within themselves is the voice inside your head saying ‘I cannot do this’. Understand how this voice works and who you are in relation to it and this is the first step in Self-Change.


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