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Finding the Real You

Full life review of a dependent personality

This interview challenged me to recognize a particular ‘reality’ of myself, of how I have been existing or rather been accepting and allowing myself to exist. The being in the interview shares how they during their lifetime never really developed themselves  as an individual because they spent so much time in their mind comparing themselves with others. They used others as a reference to define themselves and so actually ended up with ‘nothing’ of substance within themselves. Nothing that could exist independently of having a point to compare with.

As I listened to the interview and looked through my own life, specifically asking myself what would actually be left of me if I take away all the images and memories I’ve been placing and using in my mind as points of reference to compare and define myself by, I realized how much of myself I am defining through comparison and how little I can really say is purely ‘me’, as in a pure individual ‘stand-alone’ expression of myself as a being. Most of who I am, what I do and how I ‘operate’ internally, in terms of how I look at and approach reality and myself, evolves around ‘other people’. I spend more time thinking about others and regard myself only in terms of how I compare to them. I very rarely enter a space within myself where only I exist, where I ask myself who I am or what I want to create purely for myself, without having thoughts come in about other people. Thoughts about what X or Y would do, what this or that person would think of me or how I may be perceived by such and such.

At the realization that really I don’t see a ‘me’ that’s existing independently from any comparison with others, I decided that therefore the only real point I have right now is the honesty and understanding that I don’t actually exist. Meaning that the image I had come to build and construct of ‘who I am’ through comparison in my mind is not actually me as it cannot stand independently. Take away the comparison and that image cannot exist anymore.

In other words, if I am ever going to start creating a real ‘me’, I will have to start from scratch, from whatever is left when I let go of all thoughts about ‘others’ and am alone with only me within myself. Only in that space can I start being genuine with myself and start developing a ‘me’ that is independent. Its in being honest with myself about who I am not that I can start considering who I am. Then at least I can say that I am honest, genuine and independent as real expressions and traits of ‘who I am’ as a being.




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Kim Amourette

QCK Practitioner




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A Walk of Change Just for You

Lasting change requires a rigorous, thorough and consistent process. It’s not enough for you to see, understand or realize something to be able to change. Real change happens step by step. It’s a process of gradual exploration, experimentation and expansion of yourself where its not about having one moment of understanding or realization, but where that one moment is a building block and stepping stone for an ever growing expansion of your awareness.

QCK helps you get around the conscious barriers, the trauma’s, baggage, problems, to get to the root issues cause once you know what the real issues are you can now create real change. The extended walk of change is designed to take you to places you haven’t been able to get to before because your conscious mind gets in the way. We bypass the conscious mind. We have a talk with your body that has an unbiased view of you. It’s an opportunity to have a conversation with your body, which is the friend that’s been with you your whole life.

Each session is an opportunity for you to for a moment lift the veil of your conscious mind and have a peek into what it is that your body has to tell you. The QCK practitioner is the catalyst in this conversation that you are able to have with your body and the knowledge it stores about you. Using the skill of muscle testing, they stand as that bridge between you and the profound awareness that’s always been there in the substance of your body.

From when you were a baby you had parents, friends and various influences that helped you on your way to become “you”. In a natural sense, you need people and things in your life that stand as your pillars of support to change yourself. We use the format of an extended walk because your body intends its wisdom to be to be experienced and lived for real, which is a process, something you need to ‘walk’. In that process, you need someone to walk with you, to support you and guide you in the right direction. You did not create the person you are today all by yourself.

The QCK practitioner is someone who in an understanding, non-judgmental and considerate way supports your self-change and self-development. The extended walk of change is designed to be that pillar of support by being a voice box for your body, letting you connect with a more real level of yourself so that you can get to a deeper understanding of yourself.

If you have been looking for that sense of support, something that helps you simplify and break down what you’re going through and someone who will look with you into pinpointing what you are dealing with, please email me at kim_amourette@hotmail.com or call me at +1(226)791-7438 for a free consultation. I am always looking for new clients to support so don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can have a look at tailoring a Walk of Change specifically for you.

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Resistance is a Guide in your Journey of Self-Change

resistance 2

When it comes to working with your mind and especially with the emotions and experiences existing in suppression in your mind, there will be resistance. A lot of resistance. Your mind is a complex system made up of coping mechanisms and self-sabotage techniques aimed at ensuring that you do not ever become aware of the experiences on the deeper subconscious and unconscious levels of yourself.

Throughout your life you develop a separate ‘persona’ within yourself that uses more positively charged experiences to hide and suppress the negative ones. You develop physical habits to not just on a physical, but also on a mind level keep you distracted from whatever the mind is wanting to suppress. Your mind has developed so many different methods, ways and techniques on so many levels of yourself to keep you from ever facing or going through the things that are residing in your sub- and unconscious mind.

In a QCK session your mind is faced with the possibility of you looking into and opening up your suppressions and thus your mind will go into RESISTANCE. You will resist the session, resist what tests out, resist the exercises because your mind knows that if you allow yourself to see and hear and apply the exercises you will realize that you are so much more than your mind.

When you experience resistance, then you know that this is the path which will in fact assist and support you the most in your journey of self-change. Resistance is your guide as it shows you where your mind’s comfort zone ends and your potential for self-change begins. Whether you will take on the challenge to push through the resistance and do what it takes to realize that potential is an individual choice that we each make for ourselves.

Changing anything about yourself will always challenge you with RESISTANCE. It’s like the process of stopping an addiction. You’ll resist, postpone and give yourself all sorts of excuses and justification not to do what you deep down know is best for you.

Who are you when facing resistance? Will you take on the challenge of pushing through when your mind is trying to push you back? Come sign up for a QCK session and push through your resistance to walk your journey of realizing your potential for self-change.



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Feeling bullied?: How to create change on both internal and external level.


I have recently started working with someone who has throughout her life faced a pattern of bullying. She would often find herself in situations wherein she felt bullied or put down by someone in her environment, which in her life currently was playing out in her work environment in relation to her employer. So how does QCK work with such issues which are partly internal, in terms of your emotional and mental experience, and partly external as the actual situation that is playing out? How do you in other words focus and work with who you are internally while simultaneously giving direction to your external reality so that you walk your process of change on all levels?

Essentially the purpose of working with your reactions in moments is to find a way of directing yourself as well as the situation in a way that won’t recreate it. You will find that the mind follows a certain reaction pattern which repeats itself. You’ll for instance go from feeling inferior/bullied/rejected to getting angry/resentful, which then also flows over into behavior patterns – from for instance making yourself small and suppressed to eventually lashing out from a place of anger or frustration where you will momentarily feel empowered but then eventually the cycle repeats itself again, from the internal experiences to the behavior to the actual situation play-outs. The aim of the process of self-change is to develop an insight into how these patterns play out so you can stop them from recycling over and over again.

Let’s look at an example of directing the internal reactions as well as the external situation. Say you are facing a moment where your boss says or does something you experience to be demeaning or even bullying. You’ll first have your internal reaction patterns that come up where you will feel inferior/rejected and then angry/resentful. From the internal reaction pattern you’ll then go into specific behavioral patterns of either suppressing yourself and ‘sucking it up’ or lashing out in some way, either passive aggressively or within spite or through aggression.

You’ll first want to address the internal reactions as these are the driving force behind the behavioral patterns which in turn contribute to the entire situation play-out and re-occurrence. Addressing the internal reactions is mostly through understanding and insight into the deeper layers from which the reactions are arising (which is where you also consider that however you’re feeling is not about the current situation play-out or person, but more about how you’ve already programmed yourself throughout your life — thus a ‘self’-responsibility).

When you’ve stabilized your internal reactions through understanding and for instance living a word like gentleness, then you can look at ‘how do I want to direct this situation?’. You could then for instance look at letting your boss know how you feel or communicating to him in some way that how he is handling the situation is unpleasant and ‘destructive’ rather than being constructive or supportive. So here you are simply looking at the best way to direct the situation while being calm within yourself. How you direct the situation won’t necessarily be ‘perfect’ as in producing the desired result, but it’s a learning process. The key is that you are calm within yourself when you address the situation, so that you can step by step find a solution that works best.

If you wouldn’t direct your internal reactions first, then your response to the situation will be driven by emotion rather than common sense, which will cause the situation to repeat itself again eventually as that is how the pattern works.

Interested to find out how QCK assists and supports with changing deep-rooted patterns such as bullying? Sign up for a QCK session or request a one-time free sample session.




What are you Waiting for?! – A QCK session exploring Deeper patterns behind weight gain


What could gaining weight show you about who you are in your mind?

In a recent session, the client’s issue was that she had been experiencing sudden increase in her appetite and weight. She was wondering what mental and/or emotional factor may be contributing to this change.

Weight can be genetically determined however it can also be an indicator of patterns you are living in your mind.

With this client for example, the session showed her how the sudden fluctuation in her weight was related to a mental/emotional issue which she had been participating in on a subconscious level. Weight related issues can sometimes show us in a very physically embodied way how we are ‘waiting’ within ourselves. Waiting to change things we know we need or want to change, waiting for ourselves to move or take steps in a specific direction. We give our power away to the mind’s reality of thoughts, emotions, memories and exist in a state of ‘waiting’ rather than making decisions and moving ourselves in our actual reality.

She was for example waiting for herself to create and live specific expressions and experiences she had come to associate with a memory of a particular place and people. Instead of finding and creating those expressions and experiences in her current life, she was holding onto the memory and in a way wanting to go back to it. She was giving more power, value and importance to the memory in her mind than to who, where and how she is in her life and reality currently.

This session was an example of how subtly the mind can sabotage you in living your potential. The client in this example only became aware of how she was holding back her potential to live those experiences and expressions she had been looking for when the mind pattern opened up during the QCK session.

In a session the QCK Practitioner takes the issue you are facing in your life, such as weight gain for example, and uses muscle testing as a biofeedback technique to trace and map out the contributing mental/emotional/spiritual patterns which you are living on various levels of awareness to guide you on your process of healing.

Discover your power and potential for self-change and -creation through self-awareness with Quantum Change Kinesiology. Book your session today!



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Which unconscious patterns are you living?

I worked with a client recently who came to me with an abdominal pain issue. As we work with the mind through the body in a QCK session, we uncovered the internal pattern embodied and shown through the external/physical issue of the abdominal pain.

Interestingly enough, the pattern brought to the surface for the client to become aware of was an unconscious genetically transferred ‘fear of God’. This was interesting because this client did not experience or define themselves as ‘religious’ in any way. On a conscious mind level of awareness and in their self-definition they could not relate to what came forward in the session initially.

However when we then had a look at how this unconscious pattern was coming through and playing out in her day-to-day living, it became clear how this ‘fear of god’ was in fact very much present. She never realized that on deeper levels she lived in fear of God because she had never questioned the real unconscious motivations behind how she expressed and experienced herself on a conscious level.

She never realized that her experience of nervousness around people and her tendency to easily feel judged and judge herself was related to a deeper programming she had unconsciously copied from previous generations, the fear of God.


In many sessions this type of deeper unconscious programming opens up and often gives an entirely different perspective on what a client is facing within themselves. These unconscious patterns are rarely seen yet form the very driving force behind things we do, experience and face in every moment. It is through understanding our unconscious driving forces, that we can start manifesting change in those personality and behavioral patterns we live from day to day, such as self-judgment or feeling nervous around people.

QCK offers a great and unique way to get to know the depths of your mind more intimately and gives you the guidance you need to transcend and change through the path of understanding and awareness.

Are you curious to learn more about which unconscious patterns you might be living?

Schedule a QCK session and gift yourself the opportunity to get to know yourself in profound and unexpected ways!


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The Power of Living Words – The QCK Files


‘Living Words’ is a solution which oftentimes tests out in my sessions with clients. How Living Words are a solution is from the perspective that when it comes to our mind and all the experiences we face in ourselves and our life, we are already ‘living words’. Have a look at how everything from your actions, to your reactions, experiences, self-image and how you perceive the world around you is all coming from and based on the ‘words’ which exist in your mind as your thoughts. Even when you can’t pinpoint any conscious streams of thought, you’ll find that you’re always in some way embodying certain words in terms of how you’re experiencing and expressing yourself.

For example in a moment when you typically feel anxious, you are embodying and living the word ‘anxious’, along with the thoughts, belief systems and internal conversations connected to the anxiety – all of which are also words which you live within yourself.

The ‘solution’ as living words is when you take ‘directive charge’ of the words you are going to live in moments. The moment when you go into anxiety would be a moment wherein you are allowing your mind to take directive charge over you, deciding who you are, how you experience yourself and which words you are living in that moment. We tend to allow our mind to do this because generally speaking we’ve never learned or realized that we have that ability to decide for ourselves who we are and will be in our life.

Although this concept of living words may sound simplistic and may sound similar to ‘positive affirmations’, which is where you say statements like ‘I am intelligent’, ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘I accept myself’ in hopes of integrating those statements through speaking them, it’s important to understand that the process of truly integrating and living a word to the point where it actually becomes a living embodiment of who you are requires a slightly more expanded application in order to be effective.

In my QCK sessions I support you with the steps that are necessary to truly integrate living words. These steps are:

  1. Developing awareness and understanding of the mind. Before you can change an issue, there needs to be a certain level of understanding and awareness of how it exists. QCK identifies and maps out, through ‘reading’ your mind and body relationship, which dimensions of your mind are relevant for you to understand and become aware of to establish a foundation for self-change.
  2. Finding the relevant corrective words. The understanding and awareness of your issue will lay the foundation and open the door for you to more easily see how and why living specific words is the solution to changing the issue. I assist you to find these words during the session.
  3. Real-time application. When you have found your living words, the next step is to integrate them into real-time everyday moments. This is a very important part of the process of self-change, wherein I as the QCK practitioner stand as a point of support and cross-reference as you walk your journey of practicing and living the words that tested out in your life.

In a QCK session you are guided through every step of this process. This is the proven method to make self-change real.




Find more information on the process of living words at SOUL (School of Ultimate Living).



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What Candida can Teach you about Yourself

healing1.pngI recently had a session with a client who had been experiencing candida. In the session I assisted her to read what her body was communicating with her through the physical issue.

QCK works from the principle that every pain or condition in your body is in a way ‘symbolic’ and that your body is the ‘medium’ through which your deeper awareness – or ‘higher self’ if you will – communicates with you, supporting you in your journey of realizing yourself.

What the candida was communicating with this client was that on a subconscious level she was holding on to an emotional relationship with a memory. Something about the event in the memory had made her feel ‘hurt’ in some way so on a subconscious level there was a ‘resentment’ she had been holding on to in relation to the individuals involved in the event.

In other words, the persistent candida infection which she had been facing on a physical level was showing her something which she had ‘persistently’ been holding on to on the level of her mind. She hadn’t been allowing herself to resolve her reactions to the event by holding on to specific interpretations of the event in the memory and emotional reactions to those interpretations.

Her body was thus showing her, through a physically manifested infection, how what was happening in her mind was a form of ‘infection’. The reactions she had been holding on to were infecting and affecting her experience and relationships with the people in her environment.

What became clear in this session was that, in order to assist and support her body to heal effectively, she needed to assist and support herself to resolve the reactions she had been holding on to*. QCK guided her to see which solutions she could apply in order to let go of the reactions, heal and move on.

If you are experiencing a physical condition such as candida and you are interested or curious about what your body is communicating with you through the physical condition, a QCK session will give you the support and perspective you are looking for not only in your body’s healing process but more importantly in the personal journey you are walking in this life.



Kim Amourette
Quantum Change Kinesiologist


*There are always many factors involved in your body’s healing process. In many cases, medical assistance is required to give the body the support it needs to heal an issue. QCK should not be seen as a replacement for medical assistance, but as additional support in your body’s healing process and more importantly in your process of getting to know yourself internally and realizing your potential as a being.

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Interpret the Language of your Body with QCK.

body language 4

Quantum Change Kinesiology works according to the principle that your body, as an extension and embodiment of ‘you’, shows you through physical conditions or pains how you are not in alignment with your utmost potential.

Your body is your physical cross-reference which shows you ‘where you are at’ within yourself and the location and nature of physical pains, experiences and conditions are specific indicators of the exact mechanisms and components of your mind that are out of alignment with your potential.

Whether you are experiencing pain in your back, feeling emotionally and physically drained or have a rash on your skin, your body is giving you a very specific message in a very specific language. QCK is the tool which assists you to interpret and understand that language.

In a QCK session, you are assisted and supported to ‘read’ the message your body is conveying to you through your physical issue, as well as map out and construct a road to change the misalignments which your body is revealing to you.

Do you have a physical pain, illness or condition and you want to find out what this issue shows you about ‘who you are’ on an internal level?

Are you ready to start your journey of learning the lessons that life is opening up to you through your physical body and realizing your potential to change?

Invest in your beingness potential by booking a QCK session.