Quantum Change Kinesiology

Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology

QCK session

Qck session

In a QCK session you will be assisted and supported through muscle testing to become aware of the underlying “programming” and “design” of why and how a particular issue exists within you.

If your issue is a physical one, such as an illness, condition or pain, then you will gain an insight into what this physical issue is related to on a mind level. How you in other words created and manifested the issue through your participation in specific patterns in your mind.

If the issue is more mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual in nature, then the QCK session will assist you with developing a structural understanding of how the issue exists within you. A “structural understanding” being that you will see the systematic nature in which your mind exists and you understand the “components” and “dynamics” which are keeping your primary issue in place (Find a list of the different mind-components we work with and their descriptions in our FAQ).

Along with providing you a unique insight into and understanding of your issue, a QCK session also shows you how you can start practically using and applying that understanding in order to change the issue you have been struggling with.

If you have been dealing with the same reoccurring issue, be it a physical condition, emotional experience and/or reaction pattern, and are tired of not being able to change it, then a QCK session will give you the understanding you need to start getting hands-on with your issue.

And/or if you are facing an issue in your body, self and/or life and would like to discover the deeper meaning of it and learn about what the issue is showing you about who you are within your mind, then a QCK session is perfect for you.