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The Walk of Change

walk of change

The purpose of the Walk of Change is to, within the course of three sessions, access, unlock and bring forth your awareness of the different layers in your mind that are existent within and contributing to the issue or pattern that the Walk of Change is aimed at changing. In each session your awareness of the pattern is deepened and your ability to change it strengthened.

What we have realized through working as Quantum Change Kinesiologists is that when it comes to changing a pattern, there are several layers of awareness that you need to walk through in order to realize your own power to change the pattern.

There are so many things in our own mind that we are generally not aware of as we go through the motions of our daily experiences, habits and reaction patterns. This is why we tend to believe that our mind is this thing that just happens, something which moves on its own and has its own mysterious workings which we cannot possibly truly have insight into, let alone have the power to give it direction.

Its only once we become aware of who we are in the different layers within which the mind operates and a pattern exists, that we start realizing and understanding that we are not so dis-empowered after all and that in fact, everything about our mind is our own creation.

In each of the three sessions, the QCK Practitioner will use muscle testing to pinpoint precisely what about your mind requires your focus and attention. What will be tested out are the underlying types of thinking, personalities, belief systems, habitual reaction patterns, etcetera, that are creating the issue that you are facing on a more conscious level.

You will receive ‘homework’ as exercises that you can apply in your daily life in between the sessions where you practice expanding your awareness of these hidden mind-layers as well as your capacity to change them. This means that although QCK will be a valuable platform of support for you to see and define the how/what/when, at the end of the day you are the one who creates the actual change by living and applying in your daily life what tested out for you in the session.

If you are prepared to get hands-on and practical and put in the effort that it takes to create and manifest change in those areas that you want to change, then you will enjoy doing the Walk of Change.


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