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Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology

A Walk of Change Just for You

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Lasting change requires a rigorous, thorough and consistent process. It’s not enough for you to see, understand or realize something to be able to change. Real change happens step by step. It’s a process of gradual exploration, experimentation and expansion of yourself where its not about having one moment of understanding or realization, but where that one moment is a building block and stepping stone for an ever growing expansion of your awareness.

QCK helps you get around the conscious barriers, the trauma’s, baggage, problems, to get to the root issues cause once you know what the real issues are you can now create real change. The extended walk of change is designed to take you to places you haven’t been able to get to before because your conscious mind gets in the way. We bypass the conscious mind. We have a talk with your body that has an unbiased view of you. It’s an opportunity to have a conversation with your body, which is the friend that’s been with you your whole life.

Each session is an opportunity for you to for a moment lift the veil of your conscious mind and have a peek into what it is that your body has to tell you. The QCK practitioner is the catalyst in this conversation that you are able to have with your body and the knowledge it stores about you. Using the skill of muscle testing, they stand as that bridge between you and the profound awareness that’s always been there in the substance of your body.

From when you were a baby you had parents, friends and various influences that helped you on your way to become “you”. In a natural sense, you need people and things in your life that stand as your pillars of support to change yourself. We use the format of an extended walk because your body intends its wisdom to be to be experienced and lived for real, which is a process, something you need to ‘walk’. In that process, you need someone to walk with you, to support you and guide you in the right direction. You did not create the person you are today all by yourself.

The QCK practitioner is someone who in an understanding, non-judgmental and considerate way supports your self-change and self-development. The extended walk of change is designed to be that pillar of support by being a voice box for your body, letting you connect with a more real level of yourself so that you can get to a deeper understanding of yourself.

If you have been looking for that sense of support, something that helps you simplify and break down what you’re going through and someone who will look with you into pinpointing what you are dealing with, please email me at kim_amourette@hotmail.com or call me at +1(226)791-7438 for a free consultation. I am always looking for new clients to support so don’t hesitate to contact me so that we can have a look at tailoring a Walk of Change specifically for you.

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