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What are you Waiting for?! – A QCK session exploring Deeper patterns behind weight gain



What could gaining weight show you about who you are in your mind?

In a recent session, the client’s issue was that she had been experiencing sudden increase in her appetite and weight. She was wondering what mental and/or emotional factor may be contributing to this change.

Weight can be genetically determined however it can also be an indicator of patterns you are living in your mind.

With this client for example, the session showed her how the sudden fluctuation in her weight was related to a mental/emotional issue which she had been participating in on a subconscious level. Weight related issues can sometimes show us in a very physically embodied way how we are ‘waiting’ within ourselves. Waiting to change things we know we need or want to change, waiting for ourselves to move or take steps in a specific direction. We give our power away to the mind’s reality of thoughts, emotions, memories and exist in a state of ‘waiting’ rather than making decisions and moving ourselves in our actual reality.

She was for example waiting for herself to create and live specific expressions and experiences she had come to associate with a memory of a particular place and people. Instead of finding and creating those expressions and experiences in her current life, she was holding onto the memory and in a way wanting to go back to it. She was giving more power, value and importance to the memory in her mind than to who, where and how she is in her life and reality currently.

This session was an example of how subtly the mind can sabotage you in living your potential. The client in this example only became aware of how she was holding back her potential to live those experiences and expressions she had been looking for when the mind pattern opened up during the QCK session.

In a session the QCK Practitioner takes the issue you are facing in your life, such as weight gain for example, and uses muscle testing as a biofeedback technique to trace and map out the contributing mental/emotional/spiritual patterns which you are living on various levels of awareness to guide you on your process of healing.

Discover your power and potential for self-change and -creation through self-awareness with Quantum Change Kinesiology. Book your session today!



4 thoughts on “What are you Waiting for?! – A QCK session exploring Deeper patterns behind weight gain

  1. Hi, does your company offer any training courses in Kinesiology? I’m new to Kinesiology and have been thinking of buying the software etouch for kinesiology/ but would much prefer a course I could attend in person. Thanks.


    • Hi Claire, thank you for your comment. As QCK is a very new branch of Applied Kinesiology, we do not yet offer training courses. However if you are interested in Quantum Change Kinesiology, may I suggest that you sign up for a QCK session to find out how QCK works and how we use the technique of muscle testing in a session. Sincerely, Kim


      • Thanks Kim, I’ll certainly consider your sessions once I get time in my schedule to look into this further. Regards, Claire.


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